Section 11-81-223

Hearing and entry of judgment; appeals from judgment of circuit court.

At the time and place designated in said order, the judge of said circuit court shall proceed to hear and determine all questions of law and of fact in said civil action, and he shall make such orders as to the proceedings in said civil action and adjournments as will best conserve the interests of all parties and enable him to enter a final judgment with the least possible delay. The final judgment shall find the facts specially and shall state separately the judge's conclusions of law thereon. Any taxpayer or citizen of each organizing subdivision may appear in such proceedings either personally or by attorney, and any party thereto, whether petitioner, defendant or intervenor, dissatisfied with the judgment of the court, may appeal therefrom to the Alabama Supreme Court in accordance with the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure. Such appeal shall take priority in the Supreme Court over all other civil cases therein pending, except habeas corpus.

(Acts 1953, No. 859, p. 1148, §4.)