Section 11-81-248

Regulatory jurisidiction.

The Governor may appoint an existing state agency to exercise regulatory jurisdiction over programs and activities under this article. The state agency shall have the authority to adopt reasonable rules, interpretations, and guidances, consistent with the laws of this state, as may be necessary to carry out this article over which the agency has jurisdiction, including the development and administration of programs created under this article. The state agency shall provide initial rules or guidance by September 1, 2016, or later if additional time is needed by the agency, and, in any event, before any local government can establish a program. The state agency also is authorized to develop a statewide program for local government participation at any time. In developing any program guidance, the state agency shall seek input from industry stakeholders such as banks, real estate, insurance, contractors, and other relevant interests.

(Act 2015-494, §9.)