Section 11-81-62

Issuance of bonds.

If at any election held under and according to the provisions of this article a majority of the qualified electors voting upon such proposition vote in favor of the issuance of said bonds and the result is ascertained and declared as set out in this article, the governing body shall issue the bonds of such municipality in the amount and for the purposes and payable at the times and in the respective amounts mentioned in the notice of the said election; provided, that if subsequent to the said election the governing body shall determine that the entire amount of bonds mentioned in the election notice is not required for carrying out the purpose mentioned in the election notice, the said governing body may issue such lesser amount of bonds as it may determine to be adequate for the said purpose and may designate the amounts and maturities of the bonds described in the election notice which shall not be issued so that the amounts and maturities of the bonds to be issued shall meet the requirements of Section 11-81-6. Nothing contained in this section shall prevent the governing body from issuing the said bonds from time to time as the proceeds thereof may in its judgment be needed.

(Acts 1927, No. 478, p. 534; Code 1940, T. 37, §286.)