Section 11-81-80

Purposes for which bonds may be issued.

All counties shall have full and continuing power and authority within the limits of the Constitution now in effect or that may be hereafter provided to issue and sell bonds, when such issue is authorized by the election provided for in this chapter, for the following named purposes:

(1) To purchase and acquire or construct courthouses, jails, poorhouses, hospitals, asylums for the insane, tuberculosis sanatoriums, workhouses, houses of correction and other public buildings.

(2) For the purchase of real estate for any improvement authorized by law or for the site for any building or improvement to be used for public purposes.

(3) For extending, enlarging, improving, repairing, or securing the more complete use of and enjoyment of any building or improvement, owned, purchased, or constructed by the county and for equipping and furnishing the same.

(4) To fund floating debt.

(5) To acquire land for county parks and to improve the same.

(6) To provide for the purchase or the original construction and improvement of highways and bridges, whether such bridges are wholly within the county or are across streams, waters, swamps, overflowed, submerged or inundated lands or lowlands lying partly within the limits of another county.

(7) For the purpose of providing for the payment of the whole or any part of the cost of the acquirement, construction, extension, improvement, repair, or reconstruction of dikes, levees, embankments, seawalls, or other protection against seas, storms, and floods or the encroachment of streams, rivers, waters, or seas and the whole or any part of the cost of draining, filling, elevating, or reclaiming swamps or submerged, inundated, or overflowed lands or lowlands located within the limits of such county and for the purpose of constructing sanitary and storm sewers within the limits of said county.

(8) For any other purpose for which it is authorized by law to expend money.

(Acts 1927, No. 478, p. 534; Code 1940, T. 12, §93.)