Section 11-81-92

Execution and delivery of bonds.

Bonds of a county shall be signed by the manually subscribed or facsimile signature of any two or more officers of the county holding office at the time of such signing as shall be designated by the county commission of the county by whose authority the bonds are issued; provided, that at least one signature required or permitted to be inscribed on such bonds shall be manually subscribed thereon. The seal of the county or of the county commission thereof or of the probate court thereof as shall be designated by the county commission shall be affixed to the bonds; provided, that when so authorized by the county commission the seal designated by it to be used may be imprinted or otherwise reproduced on the bonds. Interest coupons attached to the bonds may be executed with the facsimile signatures of the officers whose signatures appear on the bonds. The delivery of bonds so executed shall be valid notwithstanding any change in officers or in the seal after the signing and sealing of the bonds.

(Acts 1927, No. 478, p. 534; Code 1940, T. 12, §107; Acts 1959, No. 260, p. 824.)