Section 11-85-100


As used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

(1) AUTHORITY. The public corporation organized pursuant to this article.

(2) BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Board of Directors of the Alabama Revolving Loan Fund Authority.

(3) BONDS. The bonds issued under this article.

(4) GRANTEE. The several existing regional planning and development commissions, as provided for in Sections 11-85-50 to 11-85-73, inclusive.

(5) REVOLVING LOAN FUNDS. The monies provided by the sale of the bonds pursuant to this article. These monies may be combined with or used to facilitate access to either federal funds or foundation grants or loans, or to leverage private sector financing that may be available for initial or seed capital, long or short term fixed asset or equipment loans or working capital for local economic development projects for improving, developing, or financing new, existing, or expanding business or industry, to preserve or create employment pursuant to Section 41-23-50.

(6) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(Act 98-195, p. 338, §1.)