Section 11-85-109

Administrative and recordkeeping functions of authority.

(a) The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) Planning and Economic Development Division shall perform the centralized administrative and recordkeeping functions for the authority. ADECA shall ensure that grantees utilize their allocations of grant monies efficiently and effectively as revolving loan funds, pursuant to Sections 41-23-50 and 41-23-51. The grantees shall provide to ADECA all information regarding the disbursements of revolving loan funds, terms and conditions of the revolving loans that are approved, jobs created, and other information deemed necessary by the authority to assess the respective revolving loan programs of the grantees. ADECA shall cause programmatic audits to be conducted on the utilization of revolving loan funds by grantees upon the request of the authority. ADECA shall recommend to the Regional Revolving Loan Policy Committee, defined in Section 41-23-51 a formula relative to the indirect cost of the Planning and Economic Development Division, to provide for the payment of the administrative and oversight requirements of ADECA pursuant hereto. The several regions shall contract with and pay ADECA an amount, at such times as necessary established by the formula agreed upon.

(b) ADECA shall not deduct from the net bond proceeds any administrative costs, service charges, salaries, or fees for the performance of these functions on behalf of the authority.

(c) ADECA shall make grants of equal amounts to the twelve regional planning and development commissions, grantees, from the net proceeds derived from the sale of the authority's bonds within 30 days following the sale of the bonds.

(Act 98-195, p. 338, §11.)