Section 11-85-20


When used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) GOVERNMENTAL UNIT. Counties and municipalities.

(2) GOVERNING BODY. The chief legislative body of a governmental unit.

(3) MUNICIPALITY. Such term shall include cities and towns.

(4) REGION. All the geographical area contained within the aggregate territorial limits of all governmental units participating in the establishment of a region for planning as provided in this article.

(5) ADVISORY PLANNING. Continuing and systematic studies of the land economics and land policies of a region in terms of social and economic betterment of said region, together with the submission of interim and final results of said systematic and continuous studies to the governing bodies of constituent governmental units for review, adoption, rejection, or implementation thereof in whole or in part. Said term shall not be deemed, construed or held to include zoning or any other regulation of the use, disposition, alienation, ownership, improvement, or change of any land or any structures thereon within any given region, whether said regulation is sought to be accomplished by way of ordinance, resolution, rule, regulation, or any other enactment or action of whatsoever kind.

(6) COMPREHENSIVE ADVISORY PLANNING. Comprehensive studies of the present and future development of the land economics and land policies of a region, with due regard to neighboring regions and the state as a whole. Said term may include, but is not limited to:

a. Preparation, as a guide for long-range development, of advisory general physical plans with respect to the pattern and intensity of land use and the provision of public facilities, including transportation facilities, together with long-range fiscal plans for such development;

b. Advisory coordination of all related advisory plans and planned activities at both the intragovernmental and intergovernmental levels; and

c. Preparation of suggested regulatory or administrative measures in support of the foregoing for submission to the governing bodies of constituent governmental units for review, adoption, rejection,or implementation in whole or in part as said units may elect.

(Acts 1963, No. 584, p. 1278, §1.)