Section 11-86-5

Appropriations; designation, acquisition, improvement, etc., of lands or buildings for recreational purposes; joint actions by counties and municipalities.

The county commission of a county or governing body of a municipality may make appropriations from county or municipal general funds to the recreation board for the support and maintenance of the board, a recreational program and recreational lands, buildings, equipment, and facilities. The county commission or municipal governing body may designate for use as parks, playgrounds and recreation centers and facilities any lands or buildings owned by, leased by, or loaned to the county or municipality. The county commission or municipal governing body may improve and equip or appropriate funds to the board for improving and equipping the lands and buildings for recreational purposes. The county commission or municipal governing body may acquire lands, buildings, and facilities for recreational purposes by means of purchase, lease, loan, gift, or condemnation procedure and shall have power to accept financial and other aid and grants for recreational purposes from any public or private agency. Any county or municipality may join with one or more counties or municipalities in acquiring property for recreational purposes and, through the recreation board, join similarly in the operating and maintaining of playgrounds, parks, and recreation centers and facilities.

Any county or municipality may cooperate with another county or municipality by establishment and maintenance of a joint recreation board.

(Acts 1945, No. 350, p. 565, §5.)