Section 11-86A-2

Legislative findings of fact and declaration of intent; construction of chapter.

(a) The Legislature hereby makes the following findings of fact and declares its intent to be as follows:

The Legislature acknowledges the key role of public corporations in the state in promoting public interest and participation in sports, athletics, and recreational activities through acquiring, enlarging, improving, expanding, owning, operating, leasing, and disposing of park and recreation related properties. It has come to the attention of the Legislature that questions have been raised as to the status of certain local park and recreational authorities and boards located in the state. It is the intent of the Legislature to promote the public health and general welfare by exercising its police power to authorize the formation or retroactive validation of independent public corporations created jointly by counties and municipalities, one of which is to be a Class 4 municipality, as defined by Section 11-40-12, having as their general purposes the promotion of park and recreation purposes, facilities, and activities and having the power to issue bonds.

(b) This chapter shall be liberally construed in accordance with the foregoing findings of fact and declaration of intent.

(Act 2000-106, p. 129, §2.)