Section 11-86A-5

Contents, signing, and filing of articles.

(a) The articles of an authority shall state all of the following:

(1) The names of the incorporators and that each is a resident of the county of incorporation. In addition, one of the incorporators shall also be a Class 4 municipality that has within 90 days of March 9, 2000, opted by ordinance to be a participating municipality.

(2) The name of the authority, which may be a name indicating in a general way the geographic area proposed to be served by the authority and include the words "Park and Recreation Authority" (e.g., "The ___________ Park and Recreation Authority" or "The Park and Recreation Authority of ___________," the blank space to be filled in with a geographically descriptive word or words, but the descriptive word or words shall not preclude the authority from exercising its powers in other geographic areas).

(3) The period of the authority which may be perpetual.

(4) The location of the principal office of the authority, located within the boundaries of the county of incorporation.

(5) That the authority is organized pursuant to this chapter.

(6) The prohibitions, limitations, or conditions of the authority.

(7) A minimum of three directors and the duration of their respective terms of office which may not be in excess of six years.

(8) The manner of appointing directors. The articles may specify that the directors are to be appointed by any of the following:

a. The governing body of the county of incorporation.

b. The governing bodies of the participating municipalities.

c. The individual members of the governing bodies, based upon districts, precincts, place numbers, or another method.

d. The legislative delegation of the county of incorporation.

e. A combination of a. to d., inclusive, as the articles prescribe.

(9) Any provisions not inconsistent with this chapter relating to the dissolution of the authority and the vesting of title to its assets and properties upon dissolution.

(10) Any other matters relating to the authority that the incorporators may choose to insert and that are not inconsistent with this chapter or with the laws of the state.

(b) The articles shall be signed by each of the incorporators.

(c) The authority shall constitute a public corporation under the name set forth in its articles upon the filing for record of the articles with the probate judge. The recording of the articles by the probate judge shall be conclusive evidence of the due, legal, and valid incorporation of the authority. The probate judge shall record the articles in an appropriate book in his or her office. There shall be no filing fees or recording taxes due or payable on account of the filing for record of the articles.

(Act 2000-106, p. 129, §5.)