Section 11-88-107

Bond of official charged with duty of collecting assessments; liability of said official and board members for diversion or misappropriation of funds for payment of bonds and coupons.

The official charged with the duty of collecting assessments shall be required to give bond, including the amount of any official bond which may have been required of him by law, equal to not less than five percent of the total amount in the said sinking funds provided for in Section 11-88-106 and the said bond shall be increased and may be diminished from time to time in order to comply with this provision. The cost of the said increased bond shall be paid by the authority.

The said official shall be liable on his official bond to any holder of the bonds authorized to be issued under this article for any loss or injury to such holder caused by the diversion by the said officer of any fund or part thereof to the payment of any indebtedness of the authority other than the bonds and interest coupons issued under this article and indebtedness authorized by this article to be paid out of the said fund or caused by the use or misappropriation by the said officer of any part of the funds out of which the said bonds and coupons are to be paid for any other purpose than as provided for in this article or for the benefit of the authority or others. All members of the board who shall, by their vote or in any other manner, cause, aid, or encourage any such diversion, use, or misappropriation of the funds out of which the bondholders are entitled to be paid for any other purposes than those authorized and required in this article, whereby loss or injury to the bondholders or any of them is caused, shall be jointly and severally liable to such bondholders injured to the extent of such loss or injury.

Any failure by any of the above officials to keep all funds collected from assessments in sinking funds in the bank or banks as provided in this article or to retire bonds when due out of such funds when available shall be construed as a diversion or misappropriation and any bond holder of a bond in the series affected may at any time institute a civil action against the said official or officials in any court of competent jurisdiction for the satisfaction of such loss and injury.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §68.)