Section 11-88-40


When used in this article, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings, respectively, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

(1) AUTHORITY. A public corporation organized pursuant to the provisions of Article 1 of this chapter, as amended.

(2) BOARD. The board of directors of an authority.

(3) GOVERNING BODY. The county commission of a county.

(4) IMPROVEMENT. Any sanitary sewage treatment or sewage disposal plant or any sanitary sewer, including mains, laterals, trunk lines, collector lines, outfall lines, force mains, and appurtenant facilities.

(5) RESORT AREA. An area located outside the corporate limits of any municipality in which the primary use of the majority of the real property is for recreational pursuits or those associated with relaxation, avocation, or pleasure, including vacation homes and facilities and commercial amusement or recreational establishments providing such facilities or goods or services with respect thereto.

(6) PROPERTY. Only land which has been subdivided and platted.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §1.)