Section 11-88-43

Adoption of resolution by board describing improvement, property benefited, etc., and directing drawing, etc., of details, drawings, plans, etc.

When the board shall determine to make an improvement, the cost of which or any part thereof it is proposed to assess against the property abutting on or drained, served, or otherwise specially benefited or increased in value by the said improvement, it shall adopt a resolution to that effect, describing the property to be drained, served, or benefited by such improvement and define the same by naming the streets, avenues, alleys, or other lines by which the same is bounded or shall describe the frontage of the property abutting on, or drained, served, or benefited by such improvement. The said resolution shall also describe the nature and extent of the work and the general character of the materials to be used and shall direct that full details, drawings, plans, specifications, and surveys of the said work and estimates be prepared by a registered engineer, or the board may in such resolution adopt plans for such work already prepared. Such resolution may set out and describe certain alternative types of materials and the board may require advertisements for proposals on the various types enumerated and the final selection by the board of the type or types of the said materials from among the alternatives so enumerated shall, in that event, be postponed until the bids shall have been received.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §4.)