Section 11-88-55

Publication of notice as to assessment book.

After the completion of the proper entries of each improvement, the said book shall be delivered to the secretary of the authority, who shall thereupon give notice by publication one time in some newspaper published in each county in which any part of the improvements have been constructed and of general circulation therein that the said assessment roll or list has been delivered to him and is open for inspection in the office of the person authorized to make collection of the said assessments, whose title and address shall be listed. The notice shall also state the general character of the improvement, the terminal points thereof, and the streets, avenues, alleys, or other highways, or portions thereof, along which the improvement has been constructed and shall also describe the frontage of the property drained by the said improvement or the territory or area drained, served, or benefited by the said improvement by naming the streets, avenues, alleys, or other highways or other lines by which said area is bounded.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §16.)