Section 11-88-83

Officer making sale to execute deed to purchaser; rights, title, etc., conveyed to purchaser by deed; disposition of surplus proceeds from sale; purchase of property by board.

The officer making such sale shall execute a deed to the purchaser, which shall convey all the right, title, and interest which the party against whose property the assessment was made had or held in the said property at the date of making such assessment or on the date of making such sale.

Any surplus arising from the said sale shall be paid to the treasurer of the authority to be kept as a separate fund by the treasurer for the owner upon the responsibility of his bond.

The board may, by its agents, purchase real estate sold as provided under this article and, in the event of such purchase, the deed for the same shall be made to the authority.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §44.)