Section 11-88-92

Issuance of bonds by authority after completion of work on improvement.

If bonds have not been issued during the progress of the work as authorized by Section 11-88-91, the authority may, after the completion of the work, sell and issue bonds not exceeding an amount sufficient to pay the then outstanding principal of and interest on any temporary loans made pursuant to the provisions of the said Section 11-88-91 to finance all or part of the improvement, plus such portion of the cost of the improvement, computed in accordance with Section 11-88-50, as has not been financed by any such temporary loan then outstanding and unpaid. In determining the amount of bonds so to be issued, the board shall take into consideration, to the extent practicable, the amount which at the time of the authorization of the sale of such bonds has been paid by the property owners toward the cost of the improvement.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §53.)