Section 11-88-94

Form, terms, denominations, etc., of notes issued under article; sale, exchange, etc., generally; sale price; applicability of certain other provisions of law.

Any notes or bonds issued under this article may be secured by a pledge of the assessments made with respect to the improvement being financed. They may be made payable at such place or places within or without the State of Alabama as the board may designate. Any such bonds shall be payable in annual installments beginning one year and ending 10 years from their date, the amount of no annual installment to exceed the amount of any other annual installment by more than $5,000.00. Such bonds may either be sold as provided in Section 11-88-95 or may be delivered at not less than par plus accrued interest to the contractor in payment or part payment for the work of the improvements. The bonds may be issued either in registered or coupon form and, if in coupon form, they may be made registrable either as to principal or as to both principal and interest. All bonds which are sold shall be sold by the board at not less than 95 percent of their par value, together with accrued interest from the date of the bonds to the date upon which they are delivered and paid for; provided, that funding and refunding bonds may be exchanged for outstanding obligations as provided in Section 11-88-95. None of the notes or bonds authorized in this article to be issued to finance improvements shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 8 of this title.

(Acts 1973, No. 826, p. 1293, §54.)