Section 11-89-33

Clarification of powers.

(a) In addition to the powers granted to the special corporation, it is provided that if the special corporation is to operate a sewer system to provide for the collection, transportation, treatment, storage, or disposal of solid wastes, such a system may include, in addition to the facilities set out in the definition of "sewer system" in Section 11-89-1, barges, boats, towboats, transfer facilities, and such licenses, grants, agreements, contracts, and franchises as may be necessary or desirable for the conduct of the system. Also, the special corporation may contract with any municipality located in whole or in part in any county in which any part of the service area of the special corporation lies, for the collection, transfer, transportation, treatment, storage, or disposal by the special corporation of solid wastes within the municipality.

(b) The certificate of incorporation may incorporate by reference and grant to the special corporation, with the necessary changes in detail, all powers of the district which are provided in Section 11-89-7, by reference to that code section without specific enumeration of the powers, and the district may delegate to the special corporation any or all of the powers of the district contained in the code section with respect to the service or services to be rendered by the special corporation, including, without limitation, the power of eminent domain.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-707, p. 1370, §4.)