Section 11-9-26

Issuance of warrants deemed to constitute audit and allowance of claim.

The issuance of warrants and any interest coupons applicable thereto pursuant to the provisions of this article and in accordance with the authorization of the county commission of the county issuing such warrants shall be deemed to constitute an audit and allowance by such county commission of a claim, in the aggregate principal amount of such warrants and interest coupons, against the county and against any tax proceeds and any revenues or either thereof pledged for payment of such warrants pursuant to the provisions of this article. No proof of registration or other audit or allowance of such claim shall be required and such warrants and interest coupons shall, from and after the date of their lawful issuance, be deemed to be allowed claims against the county by which they were issued and against any tax proceeds and revenues or either so pledged therefor.

(Acts 1973, No. 1128, p. 1901, §7.)