Section 11-91-1

Provision by governing bodies of counties and municipalities for group life, health, accident, etc., insurance, etc., for officers and employees authorized.

(a) The council, commission, or similar governing body of each municipal corporation, the board of directors of each incorporated municipal board, the county commission of each county, the board of education of each city and the board of education of each county, now existing or established after August 16, 1947, shall have power and authority to contract for and obtain and maintain policies of group life, health, accident, and hospitalization insurance or any one or more of them and shall have power and authority to contract for and obtain and maintain individual annuity contracts, retirement income policies or group annuity contracts to provide a retirement plan for the benefit of such of the officers and employees of such municipality, incorporated municipal board, county, or board as may be determined by such governing body and as shall or may elect to accept the same and who have authorized in writing such governing body to make deductions from their compensation to pay premiums on any such policy or policies if such premiums are payable in whole or in part by such officer or employee.

(b) The term "insurance" as used in this chapter includes the term "annuity," and the term "policy" includes the term "contract."

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