Section 11-91-8

Health insurance, etc., programs for retired employees.

The governing body of any county, municipality, or a public agency which is an employer participating in the Employees' Retirement System pursuant to Section 36-27-6, or in the local government health insurance program of the State Employees' Insurance Board may, upon a majority vote of its members, elect to allow the retired employees of such a county, municipality, or public agency to participate in any health, hospitalization, surgical, or medical insurance program made available to regular employees, or any related health program for retirees selected by the governing body including the local government health program offered by the State Employees' Insurance Board. Such a county, municipality, or public agency may pay all, or any part, or none of the cost thereof or the premiums thereon for current or future retirees from any funds in the county, municipal, or public agency treasury not otherwise appropriated.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-541, p. 1053; Act 99-383, p. 610, §1.)