Section 11-92-1


(a) The following definitions shall be applicable to this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(1) COUNTY. Each county in the state.

(2) GOVERNING BODY. The county commission or the board of commissioners, council, or other governing body of a municipality.

(3) INDUSTRIAL PARK. Land, with such improvements as are authorized by this chapter, which has been determined by a governing body to be suitable for use by more than one industrial or commercial enterprise for industrial or commercial purposes and has been acquired or is proposed to be acquired by a county or a municipality or any combination of counties and municipalities and held for the purpose of transferring it to one or more persons for use for industrial or commercial purposes.

(4) MUNICIPALITY. A municipal corporation in the state.

(5) PARTICIPANT. With respect to the acquisition and development of an industrial park, a county or municipality which has financed or by resolution has declared its intention to finance the acquisition and development of such industrial park.

(6) PERSON. Any individual, firm, partnership, public or private corporation or any other entity having the power to acquire title to land.

(7) STATE. The State of Alabama.

(8) WARRANTS. Warrants which have been or are proposed to be issued by a county or a municipality pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(b) In construing this chapter, the use of the singular shall be read to include the plural and the plural to include the singular, except where a contrary intent is clearly manifested.

(Acts 1977, No. 694, p. 1223, §2.)