Section 11-92-4

Requirements as to acquisition and development of parks.

The following procedure shall be followed in acquiring and developing an industrial park:

(1) The governing body of any county or municipality shall determine by the adoption of a resolution duly entered on its minutes that it shall become a participant or act alone in the acquisition and development of an industrial park;

(2) Any other county or municipality proposing to join as a participant must adopt a similar resolution so stating within 90 days of the adoption of the resolution referred to in subdivision (1) of this section;

(3) Such resolutions must contain the following:

a. A legal description of the land proposed to be acquired, having sufficient specificity to satisfy the requirements for a deed, and a finding that it is suitable for an industrial park;

b. The price, if any, for which the land will be acquired;

c. The estimated cost of developing the land as an industrial park and an outline of the plans for accomplishing such development;

d. The portion of the total of the amounts stated pursuant to paragraphs b and c of this subdivision that the county or municipality adopting such resolution is willing to contribute;

e. A finding that the economy and the public welfare of the area served by the county or municipality adopting the resolution will be benefitted by the acquisition and development of the industrial park and that it is wise, expedient, necessary, or advisable to acquire and develop such industrial park;

f. A finding that there are sufficient moneys available, whether or not by the issuance of warrants, to finance the county's or municipality's share of the cost of the industrial park; and

g. The designation of a person to act for the governing body in the acquisition and development of the industrial park and authorization for such person to approve and sign for the county or municipality any contracts necessary within the scope of the aforesaid plans for such acquisition and development.

(4) Such resolution shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county affected for three successive weeks and posted in a publicly accessible place for three successive weeks prior to the execution of said resolution;

(5) Any contracts relating to acquisition or development of an industrial park shall be signed on behalf of all participants; and

(6) Title to each parcel of land acquired shall be taken by all participants in common and may be in equal shares or in shares proportional to the financial contribution of each participant or in shares determined pursuant to some other formula determined by the participants.

(Acts 1977, No. 694, p. 1223, §4.)