Section 11-92A-2

Legislative findings of fact and declaration of intent; construction of article.

(a) The Legislature hereby makes the following findings of fact and declares its intent to be as follows: In recent years changes have taken place in the economy of the state that have had a far-reaching effect on the welfare of its citizens. The agrarian economy that once prevailed in the state and provided the principal means of livelihood for most of its citizens has proven inadequate to provide employment for the state's growing population. The advent of mechanized and scientific farming methods has reduced greatly the number of persons required to obtain increased yields of agricultural products from land under cultivation. There has been a correspondingly greater dependency upon industrial development as the bulwark of the economy of the state. It is therefore appropriate and necessary that measures be taken to secure to the citizens of the state the benefits of a strengthening economy resulting from increased industrial development. Among these benefits are diversification of available job opportunities, higher salaries, better working conditions, lower consumer prices for industrial products, conservation and efficient use of natural resources, and maximum utilization of technical skills possessed by the citizens of the state. The police power of the state casts upon the Legislature the peculiar function of ascertaining and determining when the welfare of the people needs its exercise. The public interest lies in the promotion of industry, and the welfare of the people is so inextricably intertwined with industry and industrial development as to make its well-being a matter of governmental concern. The solicitation of industries and other concerns producing additional jobs and strengthening the economy of the state has become increasingly competitive, with the state being required to compete not only with other states, but with nations other than the United States of America. Therefore, it is imperative that public corporations be incorporated or reincorporated with authorities and powers sufficient, to the greatest extent possible, to permit the inducement of such enterprises to locate, expand, improve their operations, or remain in the state. It is the further intention of the Legislature that the public corporations authorized by this chapter shall have discretion as to the manner of expending funds at their disposal for the purpose of promoting industrial development, subject to the limitations detailed in this chapter.

(b) Questions have been raised as to the status of certain local industrial development authorities and boards located in the state. It is the intention of the Legislature by the passage of this chapter to exercise its police power to authorize the formation or retroactive validation of independent public corporations having as their general purposes the promotion of industrial development and having the power to issue bonds.

(c) This chapter shall be liberally construed in accordance with the foregoing findings of fact and declaration of intent.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-404, p. 802, §2.)