Section 11-92A-7

Further authorization and procedure for reincorporation of existing industrial development authorities and boards.

In all cases where an industrial development authority or industrial development board has been incorporated or created prior to or after the enactment of this chapter, and a majority of the members of the board of directors of such authority or board adopts a resolution determining that it would be expedient for such authority or board to reincorporate under the terms of this chapter, the authority or board may authorize three or more of its members to file an application in accordance with Section 11-92A-6 (notwithstanding the fact that there may be no invalidity of the attempted creation or incorporation of such board or authority or irregularity in the procedure followed or some invalidity of or defects in the statute under which the attempted creation or incorporation of the authority or board was made) and proceed to reincorporate the authority or board under this chapter in accordance with Section 11-92A-6.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-404, p. 802, §7.)