Section 11-92B-14

Liability for injuries.

An authority shall not be liable for damages for injury done to any person or corporation, unless the injury was done due to the negligence or wantonness of an agent, officer, or employee of the authority while engaged in work for the authority and while acting in the line and scope of his or her duty, or unless the injury was done due to the neglect, carelessness, or failure to remedy a defect in the streets, alleys, drainage systems, or buildings of the authority after the authority had been given notice of the defect or after the defect had existed for such an unreasonable length of time as to raise a presumption of knowledge of the defect on the part of the authority. Whenever an authority shall be made liable for damages by reason of the unauthorized or wrongful acts or negligence or carelessness of any person or corporation, then the person or corporation shall be liable to an action on the same account by the party so injured.

(Act 2009-337, p. 569, §14.)