Section 11-92B-2

Legislative findings.

The Legislature makes the following findings:

(1) That the economic development of property comprising a former military installation is of vital importance to the life, health, and welfare of the citizens of local cities and counties affected by the base closure and the state.

(2) That it is desirable to allow for the establishment of local reuse authorities capable of managing and promoting the reuse and economic development of military installations after the closure of the military installations.

(3) That an Alabama court has ruled that a city and county lack legislative authority to join in any entity for the purposes provided for in this chapter. The Legislature finds that the purpose of this chapter is to provide such authority.

(4) That in consideration of the critical need for valid and fully authorized public entities, with community involvement and notice, to develop closed military installations, and perform environmental restoration and remediation activities under existing and future agreements, contracts, and orders, and the need for a local reuse authority or successor to any entity or group previously acting as a local reuse authority at a closed military installation, the Legislature has authorized the creation of public corporations empowered to assist counties and cities to develop former military installations for the purpose of promoting industry, trade, and economic development.

(5) That the Legislature intends that this chapter be liberally construed to promote the purposes of an authority.

(Act 2009-337, p. 569, §2.)