Section 11-92B-21

Exemption from taxation.

An authority, including, without limitation, its property, its income, the bonds and other securities issued by the authority, the interest applicable thereto, and the income therefrom, and all mortgages, indentures, and other instruments executed as security therefor, and all deeds and other documents delivered to or by the authority shall be exempt from all state and local taxation, except sales and use tax, but including, without limitation, any license or excise taxes imposed on the authority for the privilege of engaging in any of the activities in which the authority may engage. An authority shall not be obligated to pay any fees, taxes, or costs to the judge of probate in connection with the recording or filing of any deed or document. Except as provided in this section, nothing in this chapter shall be construed to:

(1) Exempt any person, individual, corporation, association, or entity from otherwise applicable state, county, and municipal taxes, including, without limitation, city and county ad valorem taxes and sales and use taxes.

(2) Limit or impair the taxing authority of the state, the county of incorporation, or any municipality therein, including, without limitation, the application of existing taxes such as city and county sales and use taxes levied on retail sales within the authorized operational area of the authority, or any taxes that may be levied in the future.

(Act 2009-337, p. 569, §21.)