Section 11-94-13

Bonds of authority - Application of proceeds.

The proceeds derived from the sale of any bonds shall be applied as provided in the proceedings in which the bonds are authorized to be issued, including without limitation, the payment of all legal, fiscal and recording fees and expenses incurred in connection with the authorization, sale and issuance of the bonds and if so provided in the proceedings authorizing their issuance, interest on said bonds (or, if a part only of any issue of bonds is issued for acquisition purposes, interest on that portion of the bonds of that issue that is issued to pay acquisition costs) for a reasonable period prior to and during the time required for the acquisition, construction and equipping of the project and for a period not exceeding 18 months after the completion thereof. An authority may provide in the proceedings authorizing the issuance of bonds for the capitalization of a debt service reserve and/or a replacement and extension reserve from the proceeds of its bonds.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-647, p. 1220, §13.)