Section 11-94-25

Revenues to be used for paying bonds of authorities.

Any provision of Chapter 94 of Title 11, to the contrary notwithstanding, any bonds issued by an authority in connection with any project described in paragraph b. of Section 11-94-1(9) need not be payable solely out of the revenues derived from the leasing, sale or operation of such project or any other project or projects of such authority but shall be payable solely out of such revenues as may be designated in the proceedings of the board of directors of such authority under which such bonds shall be authorized to be issued. In addition, an authority may, in such proceedings or in any indenture or resolution providing for the issuance of such bonds, assign and pledge any such revenues as security for the payment of the principal of and interest and premium, if any, on such bonds and the performance of any agreements made in connection therewith.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-562, p. 1143, §2.)