Section 11-94-5

Certificate of incorporation - Filing with probate judge; examination, approval, and recordation by probate judge; recordation as conclusive evidence.

When executed and acknowledged in conformity with Section 11-94-4, the certificate of incorporation shall be filed with the judge of probate of the county which is an authorizing subdivision. The judge of probate shall thereupon examine the certificate of incorporation and, if he finds that the recitals contained therein are correct, that the requirements of Section 11-94-4 have been complied with, and that the name is not identical with or so nearly similar to that of another corporation already in existence in this state so as to lead to confusion and uncertainty, he shall approve the certificate of incorporation and record it in an appropriate book or record in his office. The recording of the certificate of incorporation shall be conclusive evidence that the required findings and approvals have been made.

When such certificate has been so made, approved and filed, the applicants shall constitute a public corporation under the name set forth in the certificate of incorporation.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-647, p. 1220, §5.)