Section 11-95-15

Applicability of Division 2 of Article 4 of Chapter 21 of Title 22.

A corporation shall constitute a hospital corporation as that term is used in Sections 22-21-101, 22-21-102, and 22-21-106 as now or hereafter amended. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any corporation may be designated by its authorizing county as the agency of such county to acquire, construct, equip, operate, and maintain public hospital facilities in such county, in the manner and with the consequences specified in said Section 22-21-101, shall, if so designated, receive hospital taxes referred to in said Section 22-21-102 to the extent and in the manner provided in said section, and shall be entitled to anticipate the proceeds of any special county tax in the manner and to the extent specified in said Section 22-21-106. Nothing in this section shall be construed in any manner to limit any rights or powers otherwise conferred upon a corporation pursuant to any other provision of this chapter, and the provisions of Sections 22-21-107, 22-21-108, 22-21-109, and 22-21-110 shall not apply to a corporation.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-338, p. 480, §15.)