Section 11-96-4

Limited purpose agencies; defined; governing board; bi-annual audit; delegation of responsibility; service area; consultation and planning.

(a) A limited purpose agency qualifying for funds from the community services administration block grant is a community-based and -operated program which:

(1) Was designated as an eligible entity to receive funds from the community services block grant program under Public Law 97-115, the "Older Americans Act Amendments of 1981" or administer a head start program.

(2) Performs the functions of community action agencies, but which is not technically a community action agency.

(3) Received funds in fiscal year 1981 under Section 221 and Section 222(a) or under Title IV of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

(b) Each limited purpose agency shall administer its programs through a governing board consisting of 15 to 50 members.

This board shall be representative of the population of its service area, and representative of the poor, as well as representatives from the business community and other agencies.

(c) Each limited purpose agency receiving funds under this chapter shall prepare a biannual audit to be made available to the public, and to state and local government.

(d) If a limited purpose agency delegates responsibility for major policy determinations with respect to the character, funding, extent, and administration of the budgeting for programs to be carried on in a particular geographic poverty or low-income area within the community in a subsidiary board, council, or similar agency, that board, council, or agency shall be broadly representative of the area.

(e) The specific area of any limited purpose agency must be specified in its charter. No limited purpose agency may service any area that overlaps with the service areas of a community action agency unless the limited purpose agency is operating a program that is clearly statewide in its scope.

(f) Each limited purpose agency shall adhere to the principles of consultation and planning as defined for community action agencies and defined under Section 11-96-3.

(Acts 1982, No. 82-494, p. 818, §4.)