Section 11-99A-13

Final assessment.

As soon as possible after receipt by the appointing government of the petition and all required approvals, variances, or exceptions, the council shall conduct a hearing with respect to the petition, and, if considered expedient by the council, the council shall confirm and make final the assessment or the methodology by which the assessments shall be made, as provided in the petition, whereupon the assessments and methodology therefor shall stand confirmed and be and remain legal, valid, and binding liens upon the property upon which the assessments are made, as provided in this chapter. The final assessment of each tract in the district shall be based on the estimated increase in value of each tract resulting from the special benefits derived from the improvements, and consistent with Section 223 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, but shall not be made against any land owned or used by a utility in connection with the distribution, transmission, or generation of electric power. If the council considers the recommendation inexpedient, the council shall advise the board of the reasons for its determination, and the board may submit a revised recommendation to the appointing government.

(Act 99-446, p. 1013, §1; Act 2013-373, p. 1364, §1.)