Section 11-99A-22

Amendments of district.

A board may submit to the appointing government a petition for amendment of the district, to alter its boundary lines, to add additional property contiguous to the municipality (in the case of a district formed by that municipality) or to the district, or to make an amendment in the articles of incorporation as the board may consider expedient. The council may approve changes, and upon approval, changes shall become effective. To the extent the articles of incorporation are to be amended, the board shall, following a hearing, make an amendment to the articles of incorporation to be forthwith recorded in the office of judge of probate of the county or counties in which the district is located, reflecting the approved amendment. If the amendment adds additional land to a district formed by a municipality, upon the recording of such amendment, such additional land shall be deemed annexed into the municipality. However, no land shall be added to a district by amendment except with the written consent of the owners of such land.

(Act 99-446, p. 1013, §1.)