Section 11-99A-31

Recordation of notice of lien.

(a) All preliminary and final assessments shall constitute liens upon the property assessed. The council shall provide a copy of the preliminary and final assessment to the municipal or town clerk of the appointing government, either of which shall constitute notice to all of the existence of the preliminary or final assessment and their priority, the same as though recorded in the records of the office of the judge of probate, and all purchasers of property, whether bona fide purchasers or not, shall take subject to the assessment, whether or not having actual knowledge of the assessment. Moreover, in the discretion of the council or board, notice of the presence of a preliminary or final assessment may be recorded in the office of the judge of probate for the county or counties in which a district is located. Any such recordation shall be free of mortgage or other recording taxes.

(b) All assessments made pursuant to this chapter, together with all interest thereon and penalties for default and payment thereof, and all costs of collecting, suing for, or foreclosing shall constitute from the date of the preliminary assessment a lien against each lot or tract of land as provided in the assessment and shall have priority over all other liens, other than liens for ad valorem taxes.

(Act 99-446, p. 1013, §1.)