Section 11-99A-37

Appropriations by public persons.

A public person may contribute funds or property of any kind to a district by appropriation, grant, donation of services of municipal employees or contractors, lease, deed, or other means considered appropriate, for the purpose of paying in whole or in part any bonds, to pay the costs of acquiring, installing, or constructing improvements in whole or in part, or to fund in whole or in part any other costs or expenses of the district, all without an election of any kind. A public person may issue bonds for the purpose of financing the costs of any funds or property provided to a district. If a public person provides funds to pay debt service on any bond issue in whole, the public person shall, if it elects, be subrogated to the rights of the district to the proceeds of the unpaid assessments to the extent of the funds provided. The district and the public person may contract for the granting of subrogation with respect to any partial or whole prepayment with respect to particular lots or parcels.

(Act 99-446, p. 1013, §1.)