Section 11-99A-8

Internal operations of a district.

(a) Each board shall have a chair, a secretary, and a treasurer or a secretary-treasurer, and may have a vice-chair and other officers as the board may determine from time to time.

(b) All proceedings of a board and of all committees of the board shall be recorded in minutes, which shall be maintained and available for inspection by the appointing government.

(c) All funds of a district shall be deposited or invested as directed by the board. However, funds received by the district from a public person and not from assessments shall be deposited or invested only in a manner as a public person may invest or deposit funds.

(d) Any member of a board and any officer may call a special meeting of the board as may be permitted by the bylaws or resolutions of the board. Personal notice may be waived by any members of the board before, at, or after a meeting by waiver in writing signed by the person giving the waiver. The attendance of any member of the board at any meeting of the board shall constitute a waiver of notice unless attendance is made exclusively for the purpose of protesting the means of calling the meeting, and the person otherwise does not participate in the meeting.

(e) Any meeting that is called at which a quorum is not present may be adjourned by announcement at the meeting of the date to which it is adjourned, and may be reconvened at a time as a quorum shall become available.

(f) A quorum of a board shall consist of a majority of the members of the board. Actions of the board shall be taken by a majority of those present, if a quorum is present, unless a higher percentage is provided for in the articles of incorporation or bylaws.

(Act 99-446, p. 1013, §1.)