Section 11-99B-17

Provisions of chapter as to incorporation of district, acquisition of property, issuance of bonds, exclusive; jurisdiction over and regulation of district, by State Board of Health, Public Service Commission.

Except as expressly otherwise provided in this chapter, no proceeding, notice, or approval shall be required for the incorporation of any district or the amendment of its certificate of incorporation, the acquisition of any property or project, or the issuance of any bonds, or trust indenture; provided, however, that nothing contained in this section shall be construed to exempt any district from the jurisdiction of the State Board of Health.

The district, every project of the district, and the rates, rentals, fees, licenses, and charges thereof shall be exempt from all jurisdiction of and all regulation and supervision by the Public Service Commission and neither a public hearing nor the consent of the State Department of Finance shall be prerequisite to the issuance of bonds by the district.

(Act 2000-781, p. 1825, §17.)