Section 12-12-32

Criminal jurisdiction generally.

(a) Misdemeanors. The district court shall have exclusive original trial jurisdiction over prosecutions of all offenses defined by law or ordinance as misdemeanors, except:

(1) Prosecutions by municipalities having municipal courts;

(2) Any such prosecution which also involves a felony offense which is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the circuit court, except as the district court is empowered to hold preliminary hearings with respect to felonies and to receive guilty pleas as provided in subsection (b) of this section; and

(3) Any misdemeanor for which an indictment has been returned by a grand jury.

(b) Felonies.

(1) The district court may exercise original jurisdiction concurrent with the circuit court to receive pleas of guilty in prosecutions of offenses defined by law as felonies not punishable by sentence of death.

(2) The district court shall have jurisdiction to hold preliminary hearings in prosecutions for felonies as provided for in Title 15 of this code.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §4-106.)