Section 12-12-36

Venue generally; transfer of actions improperly located; designation of additional locations for court sites.

(a) Venue in the district court lies in the county where venue would lie for civil or criminal actions brought in the circuit court, except that:

(1) In counties where venue has lain within an area of lesser geographic extent than the county for any categories of cases which were on December 18, 1973, within the jurisdiction of a court inferior to the circuit court, venue lies in such lesser geographic area; and

(2) Venue of prosecutions for violations of municipal ordinances shall be in the district court sitting in the municipality or, if none, the district court within the county and nearest to the municipality;

(b) If any action is filed in a court located where venue does not lie, any party may move to transfer the action to a location where venue may properly be laid.

(c) Additional locations for purposes of court sites may be designated by the Administrative Director of Courts to serve the best interest and administration of justice.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §4-107.)