Section 12-13-37

Appointment of special judge when probate judge incompetent, absent, sick, etc., generally; powers and duties of special judge and force, effect, etc., of judgments, orders and decrees thereof.

If in any matter or proceeding arising in the probate court or in reference to which the judge thereof is required to exercise jurisdiction or authority or to perform a duty the judge is incompetent for any legal cause or shall be absent, sick or otherwise disqualified from acting, he or his chief clerk must certify the fact of incompetency, absence, sickness or disqualification to the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court shall, upon such certificate, appoint a person possessing the qualifications of a probate judge to act as special probate judge.

Such special judge in relation to such matter or proceeding shall have the jurisdiction and authority and discharge the duties of the probate judge, and the judgments, orders and decrees made or rendered by him shall be entered on the records of such court and shall have the force and effect and shall be subject to revision on appeal or by other revisory remedy, of judgments, orders and decrees of such probate court.

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