Section 12-13-42

Furnishing to veterans administration of copies of decrees upon settlement by guardians of beneficiaries of administration; payment of fees therefor.

At the time of settlement, either partial or final, by a guardian of a beneficiary of the United States Veterans Administration and upon request of counsel of such agency, it shall be the duty of the probate judge in whose court the settlement is had and passed to furnish to the United States Veterans Administration a certified copy of the decree of the said court on the guardian's settlement without cost to said United States Veterans Administration. For furnishing such certified copy the probate judge is authorized to collect from the guardian the fee now allowed by law for furnishing a copy of such decree on settlement by a guardian.

(Acts 1927, No. 91, p. 70; Code 1940, T. 13, §284; Acts 1951, No. 32, p. 242.)