Section 12-15-110

Punishment for contempt of court of persons disobeying orders of the juvenile court generally.

(a) Subject to the laws relating to the procedures therefor and the limitations thereon, the juvenile court may punish a person for contempt of court for disobeying an order of the juvenile court or for obstructing or interfering with the proceedings of the juvenile court or the enforcement of its orders.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a), the juvenile court shall be limited in the actions it may take with respect to a child violating the terms and conditions of the order of protective supervision as this term is defined in subdivision (5) of Section 12-15-301, to those which the juvenile court could have taken at the time of the original disposition of the juvenile court pursuant to subsection (a) of Section 12-15-314.

(c) A finding of indirect contempt not based on a delinquency petition does not constitute an adjudication of delinquency.

(Acts 1975, No. 1205, p. 2384, §5-147; §12-15-12; amended and renumbered by Act 2008-277, p. 441, §1.)