Section 12-15-303

Transfer of dependency proceedings between juvenile courts within the state.

(a) If a dependency proceeding is commenced in a county other than the county of the residence of the child, the juvenile court in which the proceedings were commenced, on its own motion or a motion of a party and after consultation with the receiving juvenile court, may transfer the proceeding before or after adjudication to the county of the residence of the child for the purpose of adjudication, disposition, supervision, or review as mandated by federal and state law for children in foster care or in the custody of the state, or any combination thereof.

(b) For purposes of this section, county of the residence of the child means the county in which the child and legal custodian have established legal residence or have resided for six or more months of a calendar year. This term shall not include placements by a state department or agency.

(c) Certified copies of all legal and social records pertaining to the case shall accompany the transfer.

(Act 2008-277, p. 441, §16.)