Section 12-15-503

Recommendation by county team; decision by juvenile court of multiple needs child.

(a) Within 21 days of receipt of a juvenile court referral or within another time specified by the juvenile court, the county team shall present to the juvenile court a plan of services addressing the needs of the child referred to the county team and the respective responsibilities of departments, agencies, and organizations composing this county team. Upon receipt of this plan, the juvenile court may find the child a multiple needs child. When the juvenile court finds it is in the best interests of the multiple needs child, the juvenile court may order the use of any dispositional alternative or service available for dependent children, delinquent children, or children in need of supervision, children who are emotionally disturbed, children with an intellectual disability or mental illness, or children who need specialized educational services, or children who need health services, or any combination thereof. The departments, agencies, or organizations shall be responsible for the implementation of the service plan adopted by the juvenile court.

(b) No multiple needs child, unless alleged or adjudicated delinquent, shall be placed in secure custody, except as provided in Section 12-15-208.

(c) The juvenile court may appoint a guardian ad litem for a multiple needs child.

(d) The provisions of subsections (a), (b), and (c) which require new or additional services beyond those already provided by the departments or agencies which are members of the State Team are mandated only to the extent that additional funds are appropriated to the State Multiple Needs Children Fund to implement its provisions. Nothing in the provisions relating to multiple needs children shall prohibit or restrict departments or agencies charged with the duty of providing services for children and families from working cooperatively and providing financial assistance to address needs which have been identified prior to a case being referred to a county team.

(Act 2008-277, p. 441, §25.)