Section 12-15-506

County teams established; appointments; meetings; duties.

(a) A county team is created in each county of the state The county team shall consist of a representative appointed by the head of the following departments, agencies, or organizations: The local education agency or agencies, the county department of human resources, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Youth Services, and a juvenile probation officer appointed by the presiding juvenile court judge.

(b) Appointments to the county team shall be for a term of three years beginning October 1, 1993, and each three years thereafter and until their successors are appointed, except that the initial appointments of the representatives of the county department of human resources and the Department of Mental Health shall be for three years; the initial appointments of the representatives of the local education agency or agencies and the Department of Youth Services shall be for two years; and the initial appointment of the juvenile probation officer shall be for one year. Any vacancies in the appointed positions shall be filled in like manner as their predecessors and shall serve for the remainder of the term of their predecessors and until a successor is appointed. Representatives may be reappointed for additional terms.

(c) The county team shall annually select one of its members to serve as chair and may select other officers as needed.

(d) Meetings of the county team may be held as needed. The county team shall meet during its normally scheduled time when a case is referred by a juvenile court or from notice of a member that there is a need for the county team to develop a service plan.

(e) The county team shall:

(1) Comply with the guidelines, policies, and procedures promulgated by the State Team and approved by the Executive Council of the State Team.

(2) Be authorized to develop guidelines, policies, and procedures, not in conflict with the minimum standards established by the State Team, for the county team.

(3) Be authorized to exchange records, documents, and information among members of the county and State Teams, as well as the departments or agencies the members represent, for the purposes of assessment, planning, and delivery of services to children.

(4) By consensus, develop an individualized service plan to meet the needs of each child who is accepted by the county team.

(5) Consult with the State Team whenever the county team is unable to reach an agreement as to a service plan. In the event a county team requests assistance of the State Team because of an inability to agree on a plan or needs assistance developing or implementing a plan, the service plan developed by the State Team shall be binding on the county team, as well as the departments, agencies, or organizations represented.

(6) Work with the county children's policy council to ensure that appropriate local services are developed, modified, or expanded as the needs of children within the community are identified.

(7) Be authorized to accept and use funds available to it from all sources, including, but not limited to, grants, appropriations, gifts, and donations for the purpose of implementing this section. All these funds shall be deposited into the county multiple needs children fund, which shall be under the management of the county team. Moneys of the fund may be withdrawn by vouchers or checks authorized by the chair of the county team in accordance with the operations plan approved by the county team.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-256, p. 367, §4; §12-15-172; amended and renumbered by Act 2008-277, p. 441, §26.)