Section 12-16-202

Charging of grand jury.

(a) The judges of the several courts in this state in which grand juries are organized and empaneled shall give a special charge to the grand jury relative to the criminal laws of this state against the following offenses: laws regulating the ownership, registration and carrying of weapons, violations of election laws, the manufacturing or selling of intoxicating liquors in violation of law, violating the game and fish laws or violating the law prohibiting corporations from contributing to campaign funds.

(b) It shall likewise be the duty of the judges to charge the grand jury as to all other matters which may be required by law and to instruct the grand juries that it is their duty to indict for the above named offenses, if, in the opinion of the grand jury, the evidence justifies the indictment.

(Code 1907, §7286; Code 1923, §8668; Code 1940, T. 30, §75.)