Section 12-16-226

Conflicting laws repealed; penalties cumulative; consistent laws applicable; judges' powers.

All laws or parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this division are hereby repealed; provided, however, the criminal penalties imposed by this division shall be cumulative. This section shall not be construed to preclude the applicability of other provisions of the criminal laws of this state which presently apply or may in the future apply to any transaction or event which violates the provisions of this division unless such provision is inconsistent with the terms of this division. Nor shall the circuit courts of this state be precluded from utilizing any contempt powers or sanctions which may apply to acts or events which violate the provisions of this division. Further, the circuit judges of this state may issue whatever other reasonable orders as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this division.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-457, p. 745, §13.)